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          1. STEPLEAD PACTEK

            Professional Beverage Machinery Manufacturer For Your Custom Beverage Line

            Increase your brand value with our custom beverage machinery made with handcrafted quality.
            Videos that focus on real machines ordered by our customers, practical tips of installation, operation and maintenance!

            Production Facilities

            Drink Bottle Filler

            Bottle filler for bottled water, CSD and hotfill beverage

            Water Treatment System

            Reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration membranes and seawater desalination systems

            5 Gallon Bottle Filler

            Bottle filler for 11L(3 gallon) ~ 20L(5 gallon) bottle water.

            Bottle Blower

            PET bottle blower for 200ml ~ 2L bottles

            Choose Your Container

            All machines will be tailor-made, just tell me simply, the material, shape, capacity, filling liquid and speed of your container, we will provide you with a targeted solution

            Beverage plant

            About Us

            Steplead, turnkey solution manufacturer and one-stop service provider for the water plant and beverage plant.

            John Lau

            Customer Porfolio

            Meet The Team

            To achieve maximum of management efficiency, we are streamlining our operations, by dividing our facilities into several sections like sales, production, quality assurance, logistics and administration.

            Sales Team

            CUSTOMER VISIT


            Morning briefing for customer's project production schedule.

            Long-term cooperation customers visit us.
            Over 25 years veteran technicians dedicated to the perfect production technique details.
            Looking for a special custom beverage machine to improve your filling line?
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